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Autumn Seminars 2017

Between September and December we will be hosting a new series of free Breakfast Seminars in central London covering topics high on the agenda of many HR professionals.

Each seminar will be presented by a senior Pearn Kandola psychologist and specialist in their field. The presentations will begin at 10.00am and finish at approximately 11.00am followed by a Q&A session lasting up to an hour. Light refreshments are available from 9.30am.

The venue for all our seminars is:
One Great George Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 3AA

To reserve your seat on these seminars please contact Emily Sendall on or call her on 01865 399060.

The number of places at the seminars are strictly limited. If you book a seat at one of them but subsequently are unable to attend, we ask that you inform us as soon as possible so we can reallocate your place. If you fail to attend without notifying us in advance we reserve the right to charge a £50 administration fee.

Wednesday 15th November
Profile of a Senior Lawyer: What makes law firms unique in talent development?
This seminar Stephan will look at what makes law firms as organisations unique, and what this means in terms of their people development. He will also compare law firms to other organisations in order to highlight the key differences in soft skills development and to discuss implications for lawyer training.
Presented by Stephan Lucks

Thursday 30th November
Revolutionising Development Centres: Increasing Efficiency and Fairness in Talent Development
Talent management and leadership development should sit at the heart of any effective people strategy. However, traditional approaches to Development Centres are time-intensive and expensive. They also risk creating clones of existing leadership archetypes, rather than embracing and growing the full range of talent available. Based on Pearn Kandola’s research and our experience with clients, we are pushing the boundaries of development centre design on two fronts:
1) Providing meaningful leadership development experiences in a time and cost-efficient manner, and
2) Ensuring fairness and inclusion throughout the development journey.
In this seminar Stuart and Jon will share their insights and the latest thinking on talent development.
Presented by Stuart Duff & Jon Atkins

Tuesday 5th December
The Language of Attraction – How to attract diverse talent to your organisation
Many businesses are keen to present themselves as inclusive organisations through graphics, diversity statements and diversity awards, but few stop to think about the subtle messages they are sharing that can turn candidates off. In this seminar, Rob Barkworth will share his observations and explore new approaches to attracting and growing diverse talent in your organisation.
Presented by Rob Barkworth

Wednesday 13th December
Mindfulness and Diversity: A new approach to reducing bias and enhancing inclusion
Mindfulness - a word that we find creeping evermore into our vocabulary, but what does it mean and why should we want to live life more mindfully? In this seminar Binna and Tracey will examine how mindfulness can help us improve inclusion and reduce our personal biases. As an added bonus, they will use the festive period and its inherent trials and tribulations to explore this topic in a fun and engaging way.
Presented by Professor Binna Kandola & Tracey Moggeridge