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Receiving developmental support through coaching is proven to help people perform more effectively and to reach their full potential sooner. It maximises the full value of other developmental experiences through focused reflection and performance problem solving. Our research has also clearly demonstrated that coaching benefits the organisation as a whole through increased profitability and retention of top talent.

Pearn Kandola coaching psychologists have worked with thousands of leaders, from CEO's and board members through to technical experts. Our coaching solutions are based on Pearn Kandola's unique ‘LEADER modelTM of coaching. Coaching can be structured either as a stand-alone programme; typically six coaching sessions across a six-month period, or as part of a blended learning solution; for example as a follow-on from a development centre. Coaching can also be supported by objective performance assessment such as through using our own 360 feedback platform.

Each individual gains:
  • Increased self-awareness of their unique strengths, development priorities and motivators
  • A clearer focus on how to fulfil their potential and boost personal performance and productivity
  • A stronger sense of ownership over their development
  • A plan to ensure that the benefits continue long after we've left the building.

iLEADTM + Coaching

Flexible, cost effective and focused development
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Only Pearn Kandola understood where we were coming from, and gave us confidence that they could deliver a truly different approach. In practice, participants find the process professional and realistic and feel motivated to realise the investment in them.

Lesley Brooks

To explore how coaching can benefit your organisation call Stuart Duff on 01865 399060 or email