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To explore how Pearn Kandola can help develop your managers and leaders call Stuart Duff on 01865 399060 or email

Are you helping your people to flourish?

Is your organisation comfortable with moderate success or does it inspire people towards excellence? You might be considering organisation-wide programmes to maximise performance or you might have realised the importance of good leadership in helping people to flourish.

Leadership and Talent Management

Creating an organisation where people feel able and motivated to do their best means equipping your leaders with the insights, skills and tools to achieve this. Pearn Kandola has partnered with many respected organisations to help them identify, nurture and manage their leadership talent. We help put in place the right strategies to deliver the leadership you need. Investing in this leadership talent is fundamental to your success. It is these people that will enable the rest of the organisation to shine through identifying and communicating a vision, developing others’ capabilities, getting teams working together effectively, sustaining individual performance over the long-term, nurturing loyalty and engagement and harnessing diversity. Pearn Kandola offer leadership development through multiple channels so that you can provide the right support throughout your organisation.

Organisational Development

Of course, there is also much you can do at an organisational level to provide the right environment for leaders and their people to flourish. Pearn Kandola is able to partner with you in ensuring that your organisation is a good place to work; where people feel valued, have a clear sense of direction, know the part they play in the organisation’s success, where there is a strong sense of shared identity but where individual differences are celebrated. We can help you define the sort of organisation you want to be and the values and competencies that express that. Pearn Kandola is uniquely positioned to ensure that Diversity and Inclusion remains a cornerstone of your organisational development processes.

The results from Pearn Kandola’s approach were extremely enlightening and helped the UK board to evaluate the areas in which support was required across the group, and also assisted us in making some hard but essential decisions in terms of staff retention.

Paul Jenkins
Deloitte Real Estate

To explore how Pearn Kandola can help develop your managers and leaders call Stuart Duff on 01865 399060 or email