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If you're looking for cost effective, fair and objective candidate screening call James Meachin on 01865 399060 or email

Candidate screening

Do you need to screen large numbers of candidates in an effective, fair, and highly efficient manner? From online automatically scored tools such as Situational Judgement Tests, to screening interviews and innovative ‘open-world’ assessment tasks, we work with clients to build screening processes which:

  • Save time and money – we worked with a major graduate recruiter in the Financial Services industry to introduce an automated screening process which reduced costs by £150,000 per annum. We worked with a FTSE 100 retailer to improve the screening process for graduate recruits. The result was that only half the number of assessment centres needed to be run, as the calibre of candidates following the screening was significantly higher.
  • Engage candidates – we develop bespoke screening tools, such as Situational Judgement Tests, which present true-to-life situations that are commonly encountered by your people. This allows candidates to understand and connect with your organisation, differentiating you as a recruiter and helping to maintain candidate interest. It also ensures that role requirements are clearly assessed, improving selection outcomes.
  • Integrate easily – we have options for first or third party hosting of screening tools so they can integrate easily into your applicant tracking systems.
  • Support diversity – independent research of a major UK-based recruitment programme showed that a Pearn Kandola designed Situational Judgement Test had better diversity outcomes than verbal and numerical reasoning tests which were also being used, whilst predicting future performance equally well. This meant that larger numbers of candidates could be screened using the Situational Judgement Test without affecting diversity outcomes.

If you want better results, talk to us about how we can transform your screening processes.

The tests are completed online and automatically scored, so the business does not have to invest as much time to recruit a diverse range of excellent trainees. What’s more, candidates get a better idea of the work they’ll be doing, which helps with motivation and retention.

Julie Caudle
Head of Recruitment
Wragge & Co

If you're looking for cost effective, fair and objective candidate screening call James Meachin on 01865 399060 or email