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For award winning assessment centre design advice call James Meachin on 01865 399060 or email

Assessment centres

Could you be getting more from your assessment centres? How about award winning quality?

Our expert psychologists work with clients to deliver:

  • Bespoke solutions – ‘off-the-shelf’ assessment exercises are less effective predictors of performance. That is why our exercises are designed from the ground up to reflect the specific culture, challenges and opportunities that your people face.
  • Innovative technology – our unique online assessor platform allows candidate’s performance to be captured and analysed quickly, easily and securely. We also provide ‘in box’ software which allows materials to be electronically delivered to candidates, increasing the realism and efficiency of assessments.
  • Strong diversity outcomes – we use our diversity expertise to identify areas of risk for candidate diversity, such as gender or culturally biased criteria. The result is that more candidates perform at their best, which makes for better diversity and better decisions.
  • Measures of potential – good assessments show if a candidate is ready to enter a new role. Great assessments also tell you about candidates’ longer-term potential. We build our unique indicators of potential into client’s assessments to support great decisions.

Our work has won awards from organisations such as the Association of Graduate Recruiters and the British Psychological Society.

Case Studies
Situational Judgement Tests - a better way to hire the best trainees

Microsoft have worked with Pearn Kandola on many projects including individual and team coaching, management development and assessment centres. Their team of psychologists understand our business, provide creative solutions, as well as valuable insights to help our people develop their expertise in managing themselves and others.

Noel Boyle

For award winning assessment centre design advice call James Meachin on 01865 399060 or email