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People are easier to manage when you know what they're really like

Most businesses will readily tell you 'we're only as good as our people'. Yet understanding their people is something organisations find difficult to do.

Whether it's a case of matching the right people to the right jobs, helping individuals realise where their strengths lie or designing the most accurate and efficient selection system, our Assessment experts help make sure the right things are being measured in the best possible way. From high volume screening through to executive assessment we have solutions that are award winning, innovative and unique to you.

This in turn, gives you the best possible information on which to base your people decisions; who to employ, how and where to employ them, how to develop them and what they need to do to be effective.

Pearn Kandola are good to work with. They are professional and responsive to our needs. It’s clear that standards and best practice are important to them. The solution that they have provided for us has enabled us to recruit higher calibre candidates in a more cost effective way whilst ensuring that we meet our diversity agenda.