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For help in developing the right diversity and inclusion strategy for your organisation call Nic Hammarling on 01865 399060 or email

Strategic diversity review

We regularly conduct strategic diversity reviews for organisations which examine how diversity is viewed and managed in their business. The review covers five critical areas:

  • Policies - what policies are in place
  • Procedures - how diversity is actively managed
  • Population - demographic data
  • Perception - the feeling of different groups
  • Progress - benchmarking

To gather and analyse the information, we use a number of techniques and processes which can be used together or in different combinations to address specific issues.

Best Practice Guidelines - We have developed and regularly update Best Practice Guidelines. These are based on current legislation, Codes of Practice and recent research. These are of considerable benefit when analysing the content and coverage of policies.

Grounded Theory methodology is used to construct interview and focus group schedules. This approach helps guide our analysis and enables us to obtain a thorough understanding of both the overt and implicit processes that guide decision making within an organisation. This approach provides us with an understanding of how diversity is viewed in the organisation and whether business leaders are acting as true role models.

Statistical expertise - as well as obtaining qualitative date, we apply our statistical expertise as psychologists to provide a deeper understanding of the data.

Diversity Climate Questionnaire, a Pearn Kandola tool designed to measure perception of the diversity climate within an organisation, is used to pinpoint areas of both strength and concern.

Network Analysis is used to examine interrelationships between people in teams and/or departments. The analysis involves the team members completing a questionnaire about how much contact they have with other people and how highly they value those relationships. From these responses, we can determine the way the group socialises and who is in the in-group and who is in the out-group.

For example, we recently conducted a wide-ranging gender review for a global insurance company. Our report revealed the biases – both conscious and unconscious - which were preventing more women from entering leadership positions and provided detailed recommendations which enabled the organisation to increase the number of women in the talent pipeline within a short space of time. The work was well received by the Group Executive Committee.


For help in developing the right diversity and inclusion strategy for your organisation call Nic Hammarling on 01865 399060 or email