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Business changes, our values don't

Every organisation has a distinct culture; what they’re like to work with and what they’re like to work for. When Pearn Kandola started out in 1984, we established a set of core values which remain our guiding principles:

  • Act with integrity

    Broadly speaking, integrity means three things: incorruptible; honest; and complete. As people, we stick firmly to sound moral values; we deliver our service to you in an unimpaired, objective manner; and we finish the job we set out to do.

  • Push the boundaries

    We like to anticipate the next thing, making use of the latest thinking and research in our field to continually improve our knowledge and our service to clients.

  • Work in partnership

    We work alongside our clients not at them, knowing that it is ultimately they who will hold the best solutions and must take the responsibility for them.

  • Apply psychology

    We never lose sight of our area of expertise. We are involved in the application of psychology – not management consultancy.

  • Always deliver

    Above all, we believe in delivering not just a solution, but a solution that works for your organisation.