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For more information on Inclusive Leader Tools or to arrange a personal demonstration, please contact Stephan Lucks on 01865 399060 or email

Inclusive Leader Tools

Inclusive Leaders get the best out of their people enabling their organisations to thrive. Each and every leader has a significant impact on how inclusive their organisation is. Inclusive Leaders inspire loyalty, motivation and success.

At Pearn Kandola, we have developed a range of unique Inclusive Leader Tools designed to equip individuals with an insight into their biases and inclusive leadership style. These tools will enable your Leaders to understand and embrace what they need to do to become a truly Inclusive Leader:

  • Inclusive Leader Survey
  • Inclusive Leader Report

Inclusive Leader Survey

Making use of our 360 capability, this tool is a 180 feedback tool that the leader, their immediate team and skip level complete to provide feedback on the leader’s skills in relation to inclusive leadership. It is based around the three competencies identified as being critical to inclusive leadership:

  • Culture - Inclusive leaders proactively create a culture in which people feel they are safe to speak up, where team members work for one another and where each team member feels they have something valuable to contribute to the team.
  • Relationships - Inclusive leaders invest time in getting to know each team member and actively valuing their individual contributions. Inclusive team leaders create wide, diverse networks, and help their team members to do the same.
  • Decision-making – Inclusive leaders have a clear understanding of their own unconscious biases and take action to ensure these biases are not influencing the decisions they make. Inclusive leaders also take time to make decisions about people, avoiding acting on gut instinct or intuition.

All question items are expressed in behavioural terms, so respondents can easily provide feedback. The data is compiled in a report, summarising the individual’s responses and compared to the responses from direct reports and skip level.

Inclusive Leader Report

The Inclusive Leader Survey can be enhanced by adding other tools to it that provide further feedback relating to Inclusive Leadership:

The FIRO BTM Questionnaire is designed to provide insights into a person’s interpersonal relations, in particular including others and being included; controlling others and being controlled; being open with others and wanting openness in return. The results provide a good insight into potential behaviour in relation to the three competence areas of an Inclusive leader, and can be compared and contrasted against the feedback from the Inclusive Leader Survey, providing deeper insights into the leader’s behaviour.

Implicitly is are a series of on-line tests that measure unconscious bias. Research shows that our biases impact on our behaviour towards other people, and thus on how inclusive we are with them. By adding Implicitly to the Inclusive Leader report, it is possible to give delegates insight into their biases, and therefore a deeper level of understanding about the feedback that they receive as part of the Inclusive Leader Survey.

All reports can be used as part of our Inclusive Leadership Training Programmes or used independently by organisations as part of their Inclusion Strategy.

Some of our Inclusive Leader clients

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For more information on Inclusive Leader Tools or to arrange a personal demonstration, please contact Stephan Lucks on 01865 399060 or email