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Autumn/Winter seminars 2018

We are pleased to announce that in addition to our breakfast seminars we have added two evening seminars to our programme this year.

Evening seminars

Wednesday 12th September – 6:30pm

Fostering a Growth Mindset within Performance Management: Letting Diversity and Inclusion take Root – Presented by Laura Haycock

Wednesday 21st November – 6:30pm

“All for One and One for All: Putting Individual and Team Development back together” – Presented by Laura Haycock

Breakfast Seminars

Thursday 20th September – 10am

Leadership Success Profiles: How to Predict Leadership Emergence and Success – Presented by James Meachin

Wednesday 26th September – 10am

Revolutionising Development Centres: Increasing Efficiency and Fairness in Talent Development – Presented by Jon Atkins

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There have been dramatic, positive shifts in attitudes to race over the last 60 years. Generally speaking, we are more liberal, more open and more tolerant towards minorities. Yet, despite these very positive trends, the outcomes for some minorities in particular have not changed very much at all. This is because, like a virus, prejudice has mutated.



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In the News 

If you missed Analysis on Radio 4 on Monday 29 January with Binna Kandola examining gender bias - 'Why are even women biased against women?' you can listen to it on iPlayer.

In the News 

Half of employees have witnessed racism at work, says survey People Management
A shocking 52 per cent of more than 1,400 workers surveyed by business psychologists Pearn Kandola said they had witnessed an act of racism at work. A more.

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Racism at Work
Binna Kandola
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The Invention of Difference
Binna and Jo Kandola
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The Value of Difference
Binna Kandola
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Can’t Run. Won’t Run: Getting your employees to the finish line.
Laura Haycock

This year over 386,000 people applied for one of around 40,000 places to run in the London Marathon. They all chose this for themselves knowing it will be tough, painful, and take a very long time! I was not one of them. However, just for a moment ask yourselves “What if?” ... read more