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You're Hired! Interview Answers: Impressive answers to tough questions

Pearn Kandola Publishing (2009)
ISBN: 978-0-9562-3180-2
RRP: £18.99

Book Review

The Value of Difference - Eliminating bias in organisations

By: Binna Kandola

"Binna Kandola has achieved a remarkable thing with his new book. He has made diversity interesting again. He raises questions that others do not dare or think to ask. Business leaders should engage with his work. This is first-class analysis: thoughtful, smart, and humane."
  Stefan Stern
Financial Times. November 2009

"Excellent, eloquent and thought provoking book"
  Joan Myers
Nursing Standard. 6 Oct 2010

"Importantly this book provides constructive advice and tools to be applied to offset and/or eliminate bias"

"This book should be mandated reading for senior management."
  Tim Richardson

"A great read and very thoughtful"
  Alison Maitland

"A must read for anyone who practises in the Equality and Diversity field"
  Asif Yusuf

"A compelling arguement for a re-think in how organisations approach diversity"
  Rob Moss

"A fascinating and intensely satisfying book"
  Eleanor Halsall, Smith Halsall